Saturday, April 15, 2006

Pitching Pitching Everywhere and not a win in sight

The Braves starting pitching isn't winning. They have given up most of there runs in the first inning and the starting rotation is already out Horatio Ramirez who went on the disabled list after coming up limping while running to first base on a bunt.
But I have found the silver lining. Oscar Villarreal leads the league in wins with 4.
So yay for the bullpen's bright spot.
Because other than that Reitsma has faltered, like I said he would, and no one else can dig the Braves out of the holes the starters put them in.
The bullpen is doing much better then I thought they would, especially considering the number of innings they are being forced to pitch. The starters need to pull it together. But I refuse to point a finger at Roger McDowell. It is hard for the Braves starters to unlearn all of what Mazzone taught them. And this is the same Braves team that always starts slow and then destroys the competition when it is time to clinch the division.
I am still sure that the Braves starters can get it together. Even if I don't have much company there.


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