Saturday, April 15, 2006


Well the Braves won the April 5 game, but it didn't end until 3 am. The 9-8 final was a nail biter. Since then things haven't been going so well.
April 6 - 6-4 loss the the Giants. Jorge Sosa threw 70 pitches in less than 3 innings... awesome!
April 7 - 14-6 win over the Giants. Kyle Davies threw A LOT of pitches and in true Braves pitching fashion gave up a lot of runs in the first inning but the Braves bats held up there end with an 8 run 7th inning. The Braves scored on walks and errors with only 2 hits. Basically the Giants beat themselves.
April 8 - 12-6 loss to the Giants. More bad pitching
April 9 - 6-5 loss to the Giants. Smoltz pitched well but a 3 run 6th gave him the loss.
April 10 - 6-5 win over the Phillies in the home opener. John Thomson pitched well and helped his own cause with a double.
April 11 - A day off... thank goodness
April 12 - 7-5 loss to the Phillies. Jorge Sosa still didn't pitch well and while the Braves got a few runs in the Braves pitchers can't stop giving up runs.
April 13 - 7-6 loss to the Phillies. Jeff Francoeur finally started hitting, two home runs, but did I mention the pitching didn't do its part.
April 14 - 5-4 win over the Padres. Francoeur homered again to give the Braves the win and Tim Hudson pitched better.


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