Wednesday, April 05, 2006

And it starts...

The Braves are in the middle of the fourth inning against the Dodgers as I type this but the season has already started to look like a continuation of last year's injury-ridden mess.
Chippper Jones didn't start the game because of an abdominal pull, luckily Wilson Betimet started in his place and sent a home run over the left field wall to tie the game after Horacio Ramirez gave up five runs in the first two innings. The Ramirez came up to bat in the fourth, put down the bunt, and had it beat out because the Dodgers couldn't decide who was going to throw it to first. However, he came up limping and had to leave the game... Great. He had finally settled down after giving up the five runs and now he is headed back to the club house.
And with the lack of bull pen hope the last thing that needs to happen is for a pitcher to be out in the fourth inning, and indefinitely.
And extra piece to the now crumbling puzzle is that Ramirez was scheduled to pitch opening day in Atlanta next week. And there are no off days between now and then to give anyone some time to rest.
Everyone cross you fingers he is fine.
I have to go to bed- damn these west coast games that start at 10pm- lets hope there is good news when I wake up.


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