Saturday, March 18, 2006


USA is out the the World Baseball Classic. It is unfortunate, but the WBC is less about who wins and more about the global experience. And while reviews are mixed about how effective it has been one thing is obvious, despite all the whiny ball players who were just too cool to play in the Classic the ones who did are acting the way baseball players should, like people who love the game and are 12-years-old at heart.

"I had more butterflies today than any playoff game or other game I've ever been in," said Team USA third baseman Chipper Jones. "And I wasn't even starting. I was just hoping those guys could get a cushy lead before they let me in there to mess it up."

Now that is what I want to hear. There are very few things that Chipper Jones could do to make me dislike him. He has been a fixture of my summers for 11 years but that quote simply reinforces why, despite the less than admirable things he has done in his personal life, he is one of the good guys in the game.

Here is one more things, the transcript of an interview with Chipper, Buck Martinez and Jake Peavy....pretty interesting


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