Saturday, March 18, 2006

Starting Pitcher

Tom Glavine, John Smoltz, Greg Maddux, Russ Ortiz.
They have all started Opening Day for the Atlanta Braves. And this year Tim Hudson gets the honor. My heart goes out to John Smoltz who in a perfect world would get the start. But it isn't perfect and Smoltz will be 39 in May and has been resting this off season after hurting pretty bad after the Braves lost to the Astros last year. He even said that if the Braves had advanced over the Astros he would not have been able to pitch. He also passed on the World Baseball Classic to be ready for this season. So the torch is being passed to Tim Hudson, and he will start Opening Day for the Braves, with John's blessing.
So far this Spring Training Hudson has been nothing but spectacular this spring. He has given up minimal runs and performed well. He has been unhappy with his stats, but very happy with his mechanics. Smoltz calls him the future of the Braves pitching and Bobby Cox thinks he can win 30 games this year.
Hudson went 14-9 last year, so 30 wins would be amazing. One can only hope. With Hudson's '30' wins and Smoltz at the number 2 spot the Braves have a good starting rotation. Add Jorge Sosa, John Thompson and either Horatio Ramirez or Kyle Davies and this rotation will be great. Even without Leo Mazzone.


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