Friday, March 10, 2006

The right way to train

Bobby Cox has clearly been doing something right. You can't really argue with 14 straight division titles. But an AP Wire story gives a slightly different perspective on what Cox is doing right.
apparently it is all in the spring training.
Cox has always been a no nonsense guy but he runs his camp in the same way he runs his locker room, which is not the norm in baseball.
Instead of having his players doing a ton of drills and trying to get them in shape, he expects them to be in shape already and then just has them work on baseball drills. And when they are done they are told to get off the field, instead of hanging around on the field for hours.
The players are expected to already be in shape and he will work on their mechanics, and if you don't get in shape so he can do that, then you don't make the team....
Maybe more teams should give it a try.


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