Saturday, March 18, 2006

Reality TV

There are few Atlanta Braves, past or present, that I truly detest. If they wore the Tomahawk on their chest then I can usually find something I like about them. There is one glaring exception.
John Rocker
I was at Shea Stadium when he pitched against the Mets and got batteries thrown at him. In fact my sister got her picture taken with him before he ran his mouth to Sports Illustrated. My mom still has the ball he signed.
But the guy is a one of a kind, and I mean that in the least flattering way possible. But he has gone where all has-beens in need of another 15 minutes go- Reality TV.
Now SportsCenter is as real as I want my tv, but the masses seem to like it so I will leave that for Meg's blog.
Rocker pitched to a bunch of average people for the Spike TV show Pros v. Joes. And he did well.
So Congrats to you Mr. Rocker, you can't handle the majors anymore but you are an ace against your everyday American, the exact ones you didn't want to sit next to on the subway. But I am begging you, stop grasping for another shot at the spotlight!


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