Saturday, March 18, 2006

Lets play a game

Do you remember that game 'One Of These Is Not Like The Other?' When you were a little kid you had to choose which one in the group didn't belong, like
Well when I was in Florida I experienced a big-league version of this, excuse the pun. When I was sitting in the press box, I looked around at reporters from, the Boston Globe, The Boston Herald and a number of Florida paper and the reporters were all middle-aged men. Wow did I feel out of place. But I know that is a feeling that is not going anywhere because I love what I do, and it is primarily a job filled by men.
And all the reporters were extremely nice, and treated me with respect, but it was very obvious I was the Northeastern kid. The Globe reporter even introduced himself and asked if I planned on trying to co-op at the Globe.
The crowning moment of my press box experience was when Emanuele hit his homerun and four 'professionals' turned to me and asked me who that kid was and about his stats. It was a little satisfying... hey, I knew something they didn't.
So here is to a career of two childhood games: baseball and one of these things is not like the other.....


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