Saturday, March 18, 2006

Kirby Puckett

I was 5 years old in 1991, when the Atlanta Braves faced the Minnesota Braves in the World Series. Now I was in my footy pajamas and fast asleep when the games were being played but I know the details of those games as well as if I had been watching them instead of doing my homework like I did in 1995 when the Braves actually won.
So Kirby Puckett is a name I am all to familiar with, and despite dashing the World Series dreams of the Braves that year he was an amazing ball player and when I heard that he had passed away I was extremely sad. Here is one of the many stories that came out after he passed away about what a great guy he was, they always come out even if someone wasn't that great a guy. And while Puckett does have some marks on his record, that isn't what most people remembered.
Braves fans remember his damn homerun. Baseball fans remember everything else. This reporter remembers that same home run. His kid remembers Halloween.


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