Friday, March 10, 2006


Ted Turner is infuriating!
So I may love the man for bringing me the days of TBS the Spuerstation and putting hundreds of Braves games in to my NY living room, but right now I loathe him.
He stepped down as Vice Chairman of the Time Warner company in 2003 and has been slowly relinquishing power ever since. And with him gone the Braves have been put up for sale while slowly losing money the past three years, despite continued success.
Then he announces that he is 'disappointed' that Time Warner is selling off assets, most specifically the Braves.
Well then don't leave! DUH!
If he is so worried about the fate of the Braves and sad to see them go, then keep them.
He bought them for $12 million and they are now worth $382 million.
Maybe, just maybe, they are worth keeping. At least he showed that he cared about the team and that is more than some owners which was a huge part of their success.
But I really don't want to listen to how sad and let down he is when he is retiring with all the revenue from the team and his other investments.
Boo Hoo....
Yeah I would cry myself to sleep every night if I was retiring with that much money, and just selling my baseball team because I felt like it.


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