Friday, March 10, 2006

Another rumor in the ring

There have been a few rumors floating around about who will buy the Braves now that Time Warner has put them on the block. Previously the only interest seemed to be coming from Home Depot founder Arthur Blank but he has yet to make a move, or an offer and so another rumor has entered Turner Field.
Last month, Time Warner sold Turner South a regional network that carries Braves' games, to News Corp.'s Fox Cable Networks.
And now John Malone's Liberty Media is in talks with Time Warner to exchange its 4 percent stake for some of the companies assets, specifically the Atlanta Braves.
While I was all in favor of Blank and I not a fan of the newest rumor. I don't feel like Liberty Media will take care of the team. To them it will just be a business, and baseball teams need a bit of love and care to succeed. But again it is just another rumor. I will get upset when something real happens.


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