Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Same old song and dance

So here it is, with a week until Spring Training, the articles about how this is the year have started. While many team's 'this is the year' articles talk about this being the year they win it all and get the World Series ring for the Braves the 'this is the year' talk always comes around to it being the year they break their 14 NL East Championships in a row.
And as usual the experts are predicting the end to the streak at the hands of the.....Mets.
I have heard it before, and on paper they have a much better team. But they have had the best team on paper in the NL East at least 5 times in the 14 year span, and obviously have not lived up to their potential. So they win the Wild Card... who cares, 14 pennants in a row is a big deal and one of the great baseball records.
Bobby Cox has a way of taking what looks to be a team that will be mediocre at best and making them winners. Last year he had no bullpen (Dan Kolb proved to be the WORST idea anyone ever had) and holes in key positions (first base and left field). Not to mention the extended time Chipper Jones spent on the disabled list. But did they still come out on top of the Mets- yes.
Because Bobby Cox pulled up 14 rookies and they all came through.
Now this year we may have lost Furcal, Marte and Mazzone but we still have Cox and Andruw Jones (who should have been MVP) plus Giles and the starting pitching of Smoltz, Hudson and Jorge Sosa who surprised everyone last year.
So to the naysayers- it is always easy to pick on the person on top but the Braves haven't blown it yet.
And when it comes down to it the Braves trade for what they need and bottom line- THEY WIN.


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