Thursday, February 09, 2006

The power of a name

So I was searching around the web looking for anything new and post worthy when I came across something that struck me as really really funny. When I searched 'Chipper Jones' a story came up about fern farming. How are the two connected you ask? Well I was curious too. Turns out Jones' hometown of Pierson Florida is the Fern Capital of the World. And appearantly that title may be in jeopardy. When the Tampa Tribune ran a story on the state of the ferns they added the fact that it was Chippers Jones' hometown into the top of the story, instantly thousands more people are going to see this story. So kudos to the Tampa Tribune for getting a few more hits on their website. Check out the state of Jones' hometown too, it is actually interesting.

By the way, Jones and his family no longer live in Florida. He has a massive ranch in Texas now.


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