Monday, February 27, 2006

Mike Remlinger

In 2002 Mike Remlinger made the All-star team in his third year with the Braves. After that season he left for a contract with the Cubs. But as the article from Macon Telegraph states he was never quite the same.
Remlinger was one of the guys that came in and had a resurrected under Leo machine and was never quite the same after he left.
Now, with his 40th birthday approaching, he has signed a minor league deal with the Braves. He will make $700,000 if he is signed to the major league roster after Spring Training.
And there is a very good chance of this happening. The bullpen is seriously lacking any depth, or experience. There are bunch of rookies making house in the bullpen, and even if Remlinger isn't the same dominant lefty he was in 2002 there is no end to the things he can teach the kids he will sit with.
I just hope heading back to Atlanta will help him rebound from the 14.85 ERA he posted in eight appearances with the Boston Red Sox before being designated for assignment. Or maybe he will consider retiring and being a bullpen coach......


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