Friday, February 10, 2006

How the Braves became a dynasty

Dayn Perry is a special correspondent for and the author the book Winners: How Good Baseball Teams Become Great Ones (And It's Not the Way You Think). He has spent a good deal of time writing about the Braves in the past week for
First he posted an excerpt from his book 'How the Braves Dynasty Came to Life- And it is not how you think.' Which is a really cool look at how Ted Turner, John Schuerholz and Bobby Cox turned the Braves from one of the worst teams in baseball (i.e. today's Devil Rays) to a baseball Dynasty. And it all began the year I was born....

"The Braves in '86 brought back Cox, as general manager. It was under his watch as GM that they traded for John Smoltz and drafted, among others, Chipper Jones, Kent Mercker, and Mike Stanton. However, before Cox returned to the organization, farm director Paul Snyder was drafting future core contributors such as Ron Gant, Mark Lemke, Tom Glavine, Jeff Blauser, and David Justice. After running through managers such as Eddie Haas, Chuck Tanner, and Russ Nixon, Cox decided to return to the dugout in June of 1990. By October of that same year he had determined that the dual role was too taxing, and he stepped down as GM after five seasons on the job. As Cox's replacement in the front office, the Braves hired Royals GM John Schuerholz, who over the previous decade had guided Kansas City to four division titles and a World Series victory in 1985."

And so the Braves became a dynasty....with a little help from TBS. yeah so it helped that Turner had enough cash to own a couple television channels. In the past few years Turner has stopped pumping money into the Braves, in the NL East both the Mets and Phillies have a higher payroll than the Braves, but they continue to win despite what the experts predict. What would happen to the Yankees of their payroll suddenly dropped? Think about it...


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