Monday, February 06, 2006

Giving Camp Roger a Shot

Now that I am done whining about Leo Mazzone being gone (at least until McDowell screw up and I get angry and my resolution to give him a shot ends abruptly sometime in June), lets see what Roger McDowell actually has going on for himself... And the Braves.

He has a World Series ring- So it was for the Mets. What is better about that World Series ring is that it came in 1986.
There you go, I can see the wheels turning. He has a ring from the 1986 World Series, he played for the Mets, he is one in the elite group to have a notch in the win column for World Series Game 7.
*DING* The lightbulb went off for every Red Sox fan. Sorry.

He also pitched for the Dodgers, Rangers, Orioles and White Sox but did nothing impressive. A 70-70 record with a 3.30 ERA and 59 saves. Pretty standard. And then as it usually goes he hurt his shoulder, didn’t recover and lived up to the old adage those who can’t, teach.
When his career ended in 1996 the White Sox asked him to stay on and coach, and he has done well for himself. After taking a few years off he wound up in Las Vegas coaching for the Dodger’s Triple A team.
Ok so no one impressive has come out of that farm system, but I am not giving up hope yet. Now he is in Atlanta, and I haven’t even mentioned his greatest accomplishment yet.

He was in an episode of Seinfeld. Yeah on ESPN’s list of best Seinfeld sports moments the new Atlanta pitching coach ranked number one.
He instantly gets a little more respect from me.

-Just a few other facts-
Graduate of Bowling Green State University in Ohio. "The only school to give him a scholarship."
Inducted into the BGSU Hall of Fame
Drafted in the third round (59th overall pick) by the Mets in 1982.
Known for being a prankster...lets see how hard ball (no pun intended) Bobby Cox feels about his hijinx.....


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