Thursday, February 09, 2006

Farm system

Last year the Braves had 14 rookies play for them, and all of them performed well and kept the Braves afloat with veterans like Chipper Jones injured. Andruw Jones, Rafeal Furcal and Marcus Giles all came up through the Braves minor leagues it makes you wonder what is in the water down there. OR maybe it isn't the water at all and the Braves are hiding some amazing coaches in Richmond, Rome, Danville and Myrtle Beach. So here is an interesting story I found about one of the coaches now in Richmond, the last step before Atlanta. Maybe this guy will be the next Bobby Cox for the Braves.
Although I don't think Bobby Cox will ever leave. In 300 years he will be sitting in the dugout and fining players who aren't working hard enough.


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