Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Blank look at Braves

Ted Turner bought the Braves and pumped money into them in a George Steinbrenner/Yankees kind of way. And the Braves won, ok so only one World Series, but you can't really argue with 14 NL East titles. In the height of the Superstation days TBS and the Braves were a corporation, not just a baseball team. But those days are long gone and in December Time Warner announced the Braves were for sale.
The person that seems the most interested in the Braves is Home Depot founder Arthur Blank. My thoughts: let Blank buy the Braves, maybe he can put some good old fashioned tlc into the Braves and they can get themselves another World Series in the near future. While nothing is being confirmed by Time Warner or Blank it is the only rumor coming out of the sale and it seems like he is genuinely interested. He already owns the Atlanta Falcons and he clearly can run a business, Home Depot certainly isn't hurting.

Even if it isn't Blank the Braves clearly needs to be sold. The Braves don't even register on Time Warner's radar anymore because they are such a small part of a huge corporation. Here is why thinks the Braves need to switch hands, ASAP.


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